How to Deal With Routine

Deal with Routine

If you feel that your life has grown too boring and too repetitive, if the daily routine has a deathly clutch around you that it might seem inevitable then it might be the right time to start switching your stance and working on a way to avoid the routine.

Instead of cursing life and the routine you're going into every single day, why don't you set up a plan to avoid the routine? It isn't that hard! If you have time to think about it, then you have time to avoid the routine.
If you come home every day with your body exhausted and your mind tired then how about a little refreshment?

Yes, time might seem like a deciding factor in all of this, but it really isn't. Setting your schedule correctly and planning your day ahead always helps you with the whole 'time' issue. While you can divide the hours of the day, you can't help being tired after work or training or whatever that is consuming your time.

If your body is too exhausted, then a little nap could be the solution, a long hot shower - or a cold one - or even a cup of coffee could be the answer! Your excuse to stay stuck in the routine is senseless. There is always a way out.
The question is: what is it you want to do? How about going on a road trip with a couple of friends on your day off? Wouldn't that kill the routine standard? Go to the gym; work out when you feel the routine starting to get to you from your office job.

Surprise yourself! Well, not exactly, but at least do something you are not very used to doing. You might as well surprise the people around you, family or friends. Showing up to a party which you couldn't attend in the first place will add exclamation points in your life. It's not about what people expect, but rather about what will keep you going. People who tend to have a stable life usually lose interest faster, so, before getting there, start building up a tower of exceeded expectations with your own self.

It's never too late. Even if you are already too bored of everything in your life, you can get out of the routine and go a little crazy. It's up to you to decide what to do with life, but the boring routine will adjust it for you and it will devour you.

Unorthodox can turn out to be devastating, like a timed bomb, ready to explode at any given second, but so can daily routine. Expose yourself to a little entertainment. Don't stay where you are, but don't go too far away from safety. Your usual lifestyle might not be the answer all the time.