How to Deal With a Friend Who Needs to Be the Center of Attention

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A round-up on dealing with a friend who always hogs the limelight and forgets to bring you into the action.


  • Don't spend too much time with this kind of person, don't avoid them like the plague but don't be their best friend
  • Don't try to change them, we are how we are and you can't change another person, you can only change yourself
  • Allow them to be themselves, don't try to make them feel uncomfortable, shout/talk them down, point out that they never shut up or try to compete for attention, all you can legitimately do is try to spend less time with them and keep them at arms length
  • If you really need to tell them something, maybe try a 'funny' knock, such as 'and now lets talk about someone else!', 'really, that is something you had failed to tell me... wow'
  • Understand that this person probably knows exactly how they are behaving and that it is annoying but have grown accustomed to acting this way or lack the confidence to think people will notice them without their being the center of attention, really they need sympathy


  • avoid them
  • don't try to change them
  • don't try to fit in with them

Things You'll Need

  • Iron will power not to try to challenge them

How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

long relationship

Sometimes mistakes can be made during a long distance relationship. This article shows how to avoid some of them.


  • Be sure there is trust in the relationship. The main fruit of keeping a long distance relationship is trust, you have to be able to trust your partner. It's difficult to do that because you don't really know what goes on on the other side.

  • Have patience. You signed up for this you need to wait.
  • Communicate. Another important key, where possible communicate daily by email text or chat. Discuss interesting topics. Keep the discussion healthy. Forget the world and the problems. Show it to each other that the long distance is working for you. Tell your girl or guy you love him every time you communicate. It won't hurt. Remember somehow to make up for the time you had apart.
  • 4Be understanding especially in writing. It's easy to misinterpret things during a course of a conversation. Take time to understand what your partner is saying. As wrong as it may sound you may just conclude something, that you will lose out on. Keep calm.
  • 5Keep things fresh. Don't always call at the same time on the same day. Predictability can make any relationship dull.
  • 6Make sacrifices. Love is kind. You sacrifice many things for love. What ever may come up during you stay alone when you are lonely waitng for your love. There some things. Good things will come up. That is what you need to sacrifice.
  • 7Make sure you don't take up too much time. He or she could be at school or work. Don't go over the top. You both have your lives to lead. You both need your space.
  • 8Show that you mean it when you say that you love your girl or guy.
  • 9Mind the time difference if there is one.


  • What you don't know won't hurt you. Don't dig for information unless you are told it.
  • If your doubts build up don't push him or her away.


  • Do not break up just yet. Ask yourself "why are you in the relationship in the first place?"
  • Be prepared for any response.
  • Do not take it too personally.
  • Don't listen to rumours, trust in your own judgement.
  • If anything happens, let it go and start fresh

6 Tips on How to Attract Women

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Attracting women is a skill. Unfortunately, most guys have never had the chance to learn it. If you run out ideas on how to attract women, then you aren't alone. There are a billion other guys who you share this trait with but fortunately for you, you've just found the right answer to your problem. From now onwards you do not have to rank among the millions, it's your time to stand out from the rest and start attracting women. Here is some advice on how to attract women:


Tip #1 Avoid Being Too Clingy
This might appear like just any other obvious tip but have you ever taken sometime to re-consider its implications? When you are dating a woman for the first few days do you tend to be too much all over her? If so, then you are just being too clingy. Women don't like guys who appear to be too needy and overprotective; so just give her some space. Always give her the chance to think and don't pile any form of pressure on her. Eventually she'll just turn herself in for you.

Tip #2 Flirt
If you want to win the full attention of a woman, then start practicing a few flirting moves. Though flirting might be awkward in some instances, the truth of the matter is that most women like to be flirted. Don't just put too many words with no actions. As much as you can try, engage it with some level of body contact, it works wonders! At the same time you have to be careful not to overdo it to the extent of causing any form of embarrassment.

Tip #3 Work On Your Confidence and Charisma
Women tend to be more attracted to confident and charismatic guys. Shy and dormant people rarely get noticed. Women like hanging around prominent people, people who seem to leave an impact on the social scenes. So building your confidence with women is definitely a topic to read up on. So, if you tend to avoid being social, it's a high time you upped your game.

Tip #4 Apply the Laws of Attraction
I'm sure that you've heard of this one as well. All the magazines, novels and research papers talk about it. These laws state that men and women act like opposite magnet poles. As a man you'll tend to be turned on just by the woman's physical appearance. On the other hand, a woman focuses more on the desire to develop a relationship with you. As you can see, as a man you'll chose to focus more on the physical aspects, women tend to focus more on your individual qualities. Not only will they admire your physical appearance but they'll also tend to concentrate more on your individual attributes. In order to reap the most from the laws of attraction, always be confident. You also need to practice a thorough way of communicating your string of thoughts without being overly offensive or too docile.

Tip #5 Don't Be Mr. Nice
As we all know, being nice is considered as one of the best social attributes in the entire world. Well, on the other hand, women don't like hanging around men who pretend to be too nice. Just as we have seen earlier, let your confidence with women reign supreme. At the same time this doesn't mean that you end up becoming a jerk. You need to find a perfect balance between these two extremes.

Tip #6 Avoid Being Too Pushy
Never ever waste your time trying to convince a woman to do something she doesn't appear to be interested in. In 99% of the cases that I have come across, convincing never works. So, instead of pushing her further and further with no avail, simply try to create other alternatives for her. Try as much as possible to understand her but at the same time don't let her overrule your role in the relationship. If you just realize that a woman is no longer attracted to you, don't bother yourself too much. Just move on, you'll find another opportunity ahead.

You'll never go wrong on applying any of the above mentioned tips. Most importantly, you have to always remember that attraction is a process. Avoid rushing things, just take your time and you'll reap the benefits.

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How To Communicate Effectively In Angry Situations

anger management

Anger is a difficult feeling to deal with. Some people have the innate ability to review and discuss problems for a positive resolution. However, some lack control over their anger which impedes success in everyday life. This uncontrollable personality trait can lead to loss of jobs, loss of close relationships, and general unhappiness.
One of the biggest issues surrounding uncontrollable anger is poor communication skills. The person is unable to resolve problems in an effective way because they don't know how to discuss and work out the situation with the person they are angry with. Anger will be bottled up inside, until it finally explodes with verbal abuse or violent physical act. Upsetting words and actions from people does not need to be tolerated. There are steps to take to properly communicate your anger.

Tip #1: State Everything in "I" Instead of "You"
This is a strategy that is effective and can be learned. When communicating your anger state how you feel, not what the other person has done. For example, say "I feel very bad and embarrassed whenever you yell at me in front of our friends" instead of "You should not yell at me in front of our friends". If you choose this approach, the person you are talking to will not focus on the single fact that you are angry and acting crazy. He will focus on the fact that what he did made you feel bad. If the conversation goes well, it will definitely end with an apology.

Tip #2: Learn to Listen
Your need to talk should be equal to your need to listen. No matter how mad you are, always try to listen to their side of the story and put yourself in their shoes. Remember that communication is not only expressing what you feel but also taking into consideration what others feel. Furthermore, empathize with the person you are talking to. Make them feel that you want everything to be well for the both of you and that you understand his side.

Tip #3: Negotiation
Many conflicts are left unresolved because of poor skills in compromising. Negotiating how both parties can meet in the middle is important. If you can learn to give a little, then both sides will feel like they have each received a bit of what they were looking for. Compromising is often the only way to satisfy both sides of the argument and find a resolution. It may not be exactly what you want but will do a good job of getting you there eventually.

To deepen your education in controlling your temper, taking anger management classes is highly suggested. Quality courses designed by a licensed, practicing anger management specialist can be found online. Web-based classes give you the freedom to take them any time of the day or night without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You will learn tips on how to manage your anger, what to do when you feel like you are going to explode, and how to implement new skills into your everyday life. Taking the classes online in a more relaxed atmosphere is conducive to a successful outcome.

Ari Novick, Ph.D. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Anger Management Professional and trainer. He has a Bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara; a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University; and a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the California Graduate Institute.

Dr. Ari Novick is a practicing psychotherapist in Laguna Beach, California. He provides world class Anger Management Classes Online as well as weekly anger classes in his office.

5 Simple Ways To Ease Your Worries

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Everyone has worries from time to time. Money, relationships, family issues, emotional distress - it can all add up and make your mind spin. Take a look at these five simple ways to ease worry. Try one the next time you feel stressed and see what works for you.

1) Write Out A List Of Your Concerns
Sometimes it helps to just get your worries out of your head. The act of writing it all out can take the load off your mind and put it onto a sheet of paper. Once you get everything out into the open, you may get a clearer picture on what's really important and what's not. You can see which problems you don't have control over, aren't very important, or you could actually do something about. If nothing else, writing everything out can be a release so your head doesn't feel so jumbled. Your mind can clear and you can feel more relaxed.

2) Laugh A Little
Got worries? Find your funny bone. You probably know the funny movies and TV shows that will get you giggling. Find a friend who is usually upbeat and see how your mood changes when you're around them. When you laugh, your body releases endorphins, the body's "feel-good" chemicals. This produces a feeling of well-being and happiness. Laughter is a physical activity that puts many of your muscles to work all at once. They feel more relaxed when your wave of laughter subsides. Plus, laughing simply puts you in a better mood for a little while. Even though your problems are still there, you may be able to face them with a smile.

3) Walk Away Your Worries
This is another endorphin releasing activity. Get your blood pumping a little and your heart will be racing for a good reason. The more you help your body associate physical arousal with healthy activity, the better your body will learn to relax itself. The cycle of tension and relaxation that goes with exercise and recovery is very good for your body. Relaxed muscles will help your mind feel calm. Also, getting a little exercise can be a good way to put your mind on something other than your worries. Remember to listen to music or watch the scenery go by as you walk.

4) What's The Worst That Could Happen?
In a typical counseling session, you might be asked to think of the worst case scenario for your biggest worry. It might not seem so bad if you come right out and say it (to yourself or to someone else). Fear does its best work within the dark shadows of your mind. The more you hide from your fears the more they'll own you. Shedding light on the worst possible scenario can help you understand how unlikely it might really be. Once you put things in perspective, your mind will be more at ease.

5) Distraction Disrupts The Momentum
Believe it or not, the conscious brain can't focus on more than one thing at a time. This is good news for someone with lots of worries. When you focus on everything that concerns you all the time, your problems can seem to grow by the minute. Just giving your brain a break from your worries can help them seem a little smaller the next time you think about them. Simply do something you can get caught up in for a short while like house chores, a favorite movie, a phone call to a loved one, or a good book.

Dr. Drema Dial PhD is a sought after expert in helping individuals create a life they love to live. Register for her free online workshop: How To Ask For What You Want And Get It Every Time.

How to Be Wiser in Just 3 Minutes - Quote That Changed My Life

self improvement

1. Judging. The quote I am about to share with you was really "eye-opening" to me. And I believe that it can be very beneficial for you, too. Maybe you already thought about it, maybe you don't.

"Judging comes from belief that everyone should think, behave and act just like you. It is a belief that everyone ought to be just like you" (Wayne Dyer)

For example, you are not a big fan of tattoos, so when you see some people with tattoos you might find yourself instantly judging, criticizing them in your head, something like "What have they done to their bodies? How stupid you should be to do those things? Immature punks"

Seeing someone who doesn't think, act, look like you, might even make you feel angry. Sounds familiar?

Let go off the need to criticize and judge others. Look at things without analyzing and commenting everything in your head or aloud. And don't use "wisdom analysis" - "She is not wise", 'That fool is definitely not enlightened", "What does he seeks, can't he understand that he is already whole?" etc...

Of course, there will be times when you will have to analyze things, for example if you are studying mathematics, going to shop, maybe your profession requires analyzing and judging, etc... but most of the time these things are unnecessary.

2. People want to be happy. There are many different happiness paths. If people are not on your path it doesn't mean that they are lost. It just means that they are on a different path.

For example:
John believes that in order to create a family you have to finish university, get a high paying job, etc...
Steve wants to create family, but he hadn't finished high school, he gets minimal wage, etc...

John thinks, that because Steve gets minimal wage, Steve won't be able to create happy family and he will suffer. John believes that in order to be happy everyone should be just like him - earn a lot of money. And maybe in some cases he might be right. Maybe some people living the way John lives will be very happy.

BUT Steve's path is just a different path to creating happy family, because Steve has a great personality, he loves children, is very kind, etc...

So, it is the same "Happiness path", just a different one. Yet some people, like John from example, don't want to understand it.

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