How to Deal With a Friend Who Needs to Be the Center of Attention

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A round-up on dealing with a friend who always hogs the limelight and forgets to bring you into the action.


  • Don't spend too much time with this kind of person, don't avoid them like the plague but don't be their best friend
  • Don't try to change them, we are how we are and you can't change another person, you can only change yourself
  • Allow them to be themselves, don't try to make them feel uncomfortable, shout/talk them down, point out that they never shut up or try to compete for attention, all you can legitimately do is try to spend less time with them and keep them at arms length
  • If you really need to tell them something, maybe try a 'funny' knock, such as 'and now lets talk about someone else!', 'really, that is something you had failed to tell me... wow'
  • Understand that this person probably knows exactly how they are behaving and that it is annoying but have grown accustomed to acting this way or lack the confidence to think people will notice them without their being the center of attention, really they need sympathy


  • avoid them
  • don't try to change them
  • don't try to fit in with them

Things You'll Need

  • Iron will power not to try to challenge them