How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

long relationship

Sometimes mistakes can be made during a long distance relationship. This article shows how to avoid some of them.


  • Be sure there is trust in the relationship. The main fruit of keeping a long distance relationship is trust, you have to be able to trust your partner. It's difficult to do that because you don't really know what goes on on the other side.

  • Have patience. You signed up for this you need to wait.
  • Communicate. Another important key, where possible communicate daily by email text or chat. Discuss interesting topics. Keep the discussion healthy. Forget the world and the problems. Show it to each other that the long distance is working for you. Tell your girl or guy you love him every time you communicate. It won't hurt. Remember somehow to make up for the time you had apart.
  • 4Be understanding especially in writing. It's easy to misinterpret things during a course of a conversation. Take time to understand what your partner is saying. As wrong as it may sound you may just conclude something, that you will lose out on. Keep calm.
  • 5Keep things fresh. Don't always call at the same time on the same day. Predictability can make any relationship dull.
  • 6Make sacrifices. Love is kind. You sacrifice many things for love. What ever may come up during you stay alone when you are lonely waitng for your love. There some things. Good things will come up. That is what you need to sacrifice.
  • 7Make sure you don't take up too much time. He or she could be at school or work. Don't go over the top. You both have your lives to lead. You both need your space.
  • 8Show that you mean it when you say that you love your girl or guy.
  • 9Mind the time difference if there is one.


  • What you don't know won't hurt you. Don't dig for information unless you are told it.
  • If your doubts build up don't push him or her away.


  • Do not break up just yet. Ask yourself "why are you in the relationship in the first place?"
  • Be prepared for any response.
  • Do not take it too personally.
  • Don't listen to rumours, trust in your own judgement.
  • If anything happens, let it go and start fresh