How to Be Wiser in Just 3 Minutes - Quote That Changed My Life

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1. Judging. The quote I am about to share with you was really "eye-opening" to me. And I believe that it can be very beneficial for you, too. Maybe you already thought about it, maybe you don't.

"Judging comes from belief that everyone should think, behave and act just like you. It is a belief that everyone ought to be just like you" (Wayne Dyer)

For example, you are not a big fan of tattoos, so when you see some people with tattoos you might find yourself instantly judging, criticizing them in your head, something like "What have they done to their bodies? How stupid you should be to do those things? Immature punks"

Seeing someone who doesn't think, act, look like you, might even make you feel angry. Sounds familiar?

Let go off the need to criticize and judge others. Look at things without analyzing and commenting everything in your head or aloud. And don't use "wisdom analysis" - "She is not wise", 'That fool is definitely not enlightened", "What does he seeks, can't he understand that he is already whole?" etc...

Of course, there will be times when you will have to analyze things, for example if you are studying mathematics, going to shop, maybe your profession requires analyzing and judging, etc... but most of the time these things are unnecessary.

2. People want to be happy. There are many different happiness paths. If people are not on your path it doesn't mean that they are lost. It just means that they are on a different path.

For example:
John believes that in order to create a family you have to finish university, get a high paying job, etc...
Steve wants to create family, but he hadn't finished high school, he gets minimal wage, etc...

John thinks, that because Steve gets minimal wage, Steve won't be able to create happy family and he will suffer. John believes that in order to be happy everyone should be just like him - earn a lot of money. And maybe in some cases he might be right. Maybe some people living the way John lives will be very happy.

BUT Steve's path is just a different path to creating happy family, because Steve has a great personality, he loves children, is very kind, etc...

So, it is the same "Happiness path", just a different one. Yet some people, like John from example, don't want to understand it.

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